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Kris Kelly – More

Austin originating atmospheric indie-folk artist KRIS KELLY brings ‘More’. A single that hits way above its belt, with cosmic horizons and delectable harmonies. Kris is based in NYC and studied music at NYU, but wrote the material on ‘Runaways’ after dropping everything and traveling for five years in South America, where he met his now husband. The music explores self discovery, loss, and the feeling of “home,” especially as Kris and his husband couldn’t return back to the US as a married couple due to the Defense of Marriage Act. ‘Runaways’ is a culmination of 5 years in a life filled with experiences. A graduated summation for the senses; never demeaning, but hopeful.

Norbert Lukacs – Between You and Me

Multi-instrumentalist Norbert Lukács talks of “when you just wanna drop everything and chase the horizon together, but at the same time you feel too afraid to commit.” And when Norbert exudes with the promises of a life that should be, with what has been done, a melancholically satisfying urgency develops to fruition. The sultry saltiness, decked into battle of emotions with utter triumph at the end, the offer for a betterment of self is within reach. At least through Norbert’s songs: ”This is the last streak of hope that romance did not die after the age of twenty, but at the same time it’s all movies sad ending. It is lo-fi dreams carefully wrapped in a melancholic veil, where the ugly spoons the beautiful. It’s a free trip for whoever wants to float away, a safe embrace for those who wants to fall back to sleep”. The soft and laconic sounds from Norbert’s breath, heaves with what we all want. And maybe, just maybe, we can achieve that love’s bliss, once more. Norbert cheers us on.

Sights & Sounds – Resurface

SIGHTS & SOUNDS recorded their new album ‘NO VIRTUE’ in Toronto over the past couple of years by bringing ideas hummed in a phone or scratched on a guitar to life in a more involved way than they have ever been able to before. The lead single ‘Resurface’ brings to mind the band’s biggest influences while showcasing their unique take on modern rock with an electronic twist. With members Andrew Neufeld, Joel Neufeld, Matt Howes, and David Grabowski codifies their aim for domination. For your soul, tact in magic, and wayward vanquishment for the enlightenment that awaits us all. One step? ‘Resurface’. Andrew stated: “Mixed in LA by Colin Schwanke & Kyle Black. We feel like this is the best we can do. This is the hardest record I have ever had to make but so gratifying to have finished and finally able to share it with the World. Even though this is our follow up to our first LP “Monolith” and our EP “Silver Door” (which was really just demos we put out so that we could have something to release before touring with BMTH) , I feel like this is a new beginning and fresh start for Sights & Sounds. Self releasing the project with a new approach to the music and to the model of how we release our music.”

GENTS – Right On Time

“When you’re moving too fast, things around you start to blur. We could feel it happening to us and it seemed ironic, given the album we had just made and its theme of being present and connected. So we took a break, chose to postpone the release, and let things come into focus once more.” In November, GENTS are touring Europe. More details to follow soon. They are performing at Reeperbahn Festival on Friday 20 September and Saturday 21 September: ”Right On Time is a direct comment on our previous album About Time. It’s the story of us growing up. The moral framework that underpins GENTS is of a different substance now. With About Time, we were very focused on getting ahead – of moving onwards and upwards. With Right On Time we want to encourage everyone, including ourselves, to be patient and humble.” said Niels Fejrskov Juhl and Theis Vesterløkke, the duo behind GENTS.

Ida Wenøe – Change Me A Little (Single Version)

Change Me A Little is the new single by Danish Music Award nominee Ida Wenøe. A walk on the wild side of me, touches a part of your own sense of inextricably salient self. Blending Nordic Noir roots and Americana, the unique blend comes out with hardships in the angular lyrics, sharply excavated, and molded in the terms of endearment for our consumption. The delight is upon the shelves of delight. With the likes of Odetta Hartman and Julia Jacklin, Ida’s beautiful vocals work in unison with her bodily expression in whole and in truth. ‘Change Me A Little’ is taken from Ida Wenøe’s second album ‘The Things We Don’t Know Yet’ (available now).


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