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Kris Kelly Shares Acoustic Version Of ‘Cracked Porcelain’. “Dynamically shows Kris’ lovely art.”

Bittersweet. Nostalgic. KRIS KELLY is that angel on your left shoulder, telling you the right way to go. That fork in the road. That fork in the road, you’d dreaded to face. With love at the heart of his songs of heartache and missed possibilities, takes you on a multi-colored psyche tinged journey.

Off of his upcoming album ‘Runaways’ (drops August), ‘Cracked Porcelain’ faces the harshness of reality to a love that you had inadvertently let go. Your true love. That love you’d saw pass in that fork in the road. The road that led to greater and truer love. But greed got in the way. Ego got in the way.

Disillusionment is a part of our mental capacities that sometimes manifest in the real world. But is there only ONE fork in the road, to genuine happiness??

Said Kris: “I think the LGBTQ+ community has a unique opportunity to redefine our relationships between sex and healthy partnerships, but it also comes with a great responsibility, and I think we often fail. I failed at least. And that’s ok, because I realized that if I wanted to be happy, I had to make a change.”

Kudos Kris. Kudos.



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