Kris Ulrich // Kazyak // MARLBORO // Kallblod // Starframes

Kris Ulrich – Fake It Like That

KRIS ULRICH’s voice and songs are of a maturity that is way beyond his years. From the first note to the last, ‘Fake It Like That’ is a kind of clarity that is rare in music making. Something about Kris’ method of work just permeates with vigor, with the vastness of a sage about life’s little quirks an challenges that has shaped his life. Winnipeg based singer/songwriter keeps chasing his dream. The honesty and earnestness of his songs beg the listener to peek at their own inner visions. His new record will be released Spring 2019.

Kazyak – 10,000 Flowers

KAZYAK’s delightful single and music video for ‘10,000 Flowers’ captivates feelings of wanting. Off of their latest LP ‘Reflection’, the desires of already past actions to be changed, are compromised to a wishful addendum of a future promise. A promise to capture the essence, once again, to please a new personal retrospective views. The identity of the single is demure, and significant, at the same time. Pulling apart emotions of private demons, into a sobering line of musical sentiments.

MARLBORO – Frances Ethel Gumm

MARLBORO is the project of Dante DeFelice. The veteran of incandescent story telling of the heart and ways of life. Wishes upon wishes, is the theme of ‘Frances Ethel Gumm’ is a tribute to the late actress Judy Garland. And in their fantasy, MARLBORO, sings and entertains with the excellence of such heavyweight in history. But what is she’d never become famous? Without a doubt the implications to history would change many things down the line. Fascinating premise, to be sure. The single is off of their latest 13 track debut LP ‘Convertible Life’.

Kallblod – Knark

KALLBLOD is a Swedish indie-pop duo with distinguishing tastes. And in their singles, they propose fascinating musical premises, but mixed with the kind of Dylan-like dreariness and dark premonitions to their art. From the pace to the epic promise of the protagonist, in ‘Knark’, they continue the solum view of relationships and implications that dot the prairies of the invested hearts. The band is a unique take on our modern sensibilities. KALLBLOD consists of 2 anonymous artist, Raspberry Mozart and Runaway 2K.

Starframes – Dear Akelei

From their new album ‘Nicht Vergessen’, the single ‘Dear Akelei’ is a powerful note to the fantastical story of a character named Akelei. The album is a story book about two characters, including Akelei, and another named Friedrich. And the two are separated by the wall. And from the moving and deliberate story telling form the album, your pictures of the separation between them, turns and distorts. The grand scheme of things are molded into small significant moments. Ecstasy, acknowledgement, fascination, action, are some of the touch points demonstrated in the album. It’s a delight.


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