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Kristina Koller Returns With New Single ‘We’ll Be Alright’.

The 23 year old talent expedites with gumption, throwing notes that seem unkind to the timeline, but absolutely are designed to enthrall and mystify. Melding many different styles to get a point (or many threaded points) across, she does it in style and pushes art-pop into new heights.

Regarding ‘We’ll Be Alright’ Kristina stated: “A very close relationship I had with someone changed drastically as they fought through a mental health crisis that scared the crap out of me. But the song ends in a happy light as their health improved & we were able to come back to the relationship we had before all the hospital visits & on all the ups and downs to their road to recovery.”

Kristina brings her contemporary jazz vocalist CV to the fore, seamlessly and expertly composing dominantly fascinating pieces for us to enjoy.

She and her body of work is a treat for your senses.

Look for her 2nd studio album, scheduled for Autumn 2019.

See Kristina again next at White Plains Jazz Festival on September 11th.



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