KRISTINA KOLLER Shares ‘Stronger’. “Care to partake? You should.”

Lauren Desberg

Seductively mad. Madly innovative. Innovative-ly progressive. KRISTINA KOLLER’s single ‘Stronger’ is a strength for an energy that lies just over the horizon of your dreams.

From time changes, as elegantly predicted from jazz, mixed with prog-rock conversations, the lyrics and Kristina’s vocals dictate chapters within chapters, out stretched in r&b/soul blue hues.

The 23 year old talent expedites with gumption, throwing notes that seem unkind to the timeline, but absolutely are designed to enthrall and mystify. Melding many different styles to get a point (or many threaded points) across, she does it in style and pushes art-pop into new heights.

Kristina brings her contemporary jazz vocalist CV to the fore, seamlessly and expertly composing dominantly fascinating pieces for us to enjoy.

Care to partake?

You should.

See Kristina live next at Jazz Forum Arts Summer Concert Series July 12th, in Tarrytown New York @ Pierson Park.


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