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Kristopher James // The Modern World // Day Joy // Venus Demilo // Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds

Kristopher James – Start Over

At a young age, Kristopher James had music inside of him. Sitting in the doorway of his room, with a radio and tape deck, Kristopher spent hours making mixtape after mixtape of songs that began to mold his young, musical mind. Kristopher garnered local acclaim, “His vocals are perfectly reined in to suit his range and his easy gift for melody is unrivaled in the Bay area singer-songwriter space,” (Creative Loathing Tampa 2017). Truth. With mouth watering booming vocals, sense of musical pop direction, and an award winning kind of vibe to his whole repertoire, Kristopher is the musical gift whom gives to his audience, the love that is within. Asking his fans to try to figure out what they are, and what love they want to received, is the crowning achievement of his stanza in passion. Several singles have been released this month, from his latest full album ‘Kindess Never Quits’. It’s a doozy of an album that we think you’ll love. See this blues dynamo next @ Royal Caribbean Port Canaveral, Merritt Island Florida on November 15th.

The Modern World – State of Mind

Stated The Modern World (Oliver James): “From initial heartache the song evolved into a folky meditation on the pitfalls of young love, fortune and fate; it attempts to reconcile our inability to avoid mistakes, pain and confusion. Ultimately, the song advocates the notion that love is as much an attitude as it is a feeling.” Old & the new, ‘State Of Mind’ recalls classic singer-songwriters such as Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley, with more contemporary luminaries such as Sufjan Stevens and Adam Granduciel, in the vibe. Produced by Alex Lindner, the simple and minimal single tangles with out inner child and smiles with the ticklish radiance that we all should try to show, once in a while. After all, it’s good to smile, laugh, enjoy the small things in front of you. As well as the things that you don’t quite understand yet. It’s life. It’s hard at times. It’s joyful at times. Let’s take it all in if we can.

Day Joy – Celebration (or a salutation, ongoing)

“I started making sad sleepy music as DAY JOY in 2013 in response to my, then partner’s, episodic NIGHT TERRORS,” illuminated Day Joy. “You could say the artistic goal back then was to make the musical opposite of someone screaming in a dark room. After receiving a considerable critical response to those early recordings, I eventually compiled a full-length debut LP and signed with Small Plates Records. It’s taken me a while to pick up the pieces and the album chronicling the past 5 years is expectedly dark. However, I do think those who have been to the brink will find some value in the lyrics and peace in the instrumentation. At least, that is my goal.” On-the-brink. Episodes happen in our daily lives. The small pebbles at the edge of that precipice, trickle over that same edge, helping you to focus on the jagged rocks at the colliding waves below. The winds sweep, with aghast speed, as you cling to the sanity that is of thread narrow. But you manage to step back. Step back from the precipice of ultimate gloom and irreversibility. You sweat. You ponder. You take a deep breath. “One more step back towards normalcy..” is due. Let’s get paid.

Venus Demilo – Losing Sleep

‘Losing Sleep’ is the next release from Venus Demilo following their EP ‘The Rest Is Just Noise’. The track was written by Tom (vocals) and Johnny Quinn from fellow Liverpool band SPINN. Venus Demilo is Liverpool based quartet Tom Anderson, Josh Adams, Jake Worboys & Ryan Williams, and the shoegaze inspired alt-indie band keeps the refreshing vibes of stories in youth, ignorance and the grandeur of it all. Love makes things shine and single ‘Losing Sleep’ delivers with 00’s vibe classic rock heaves and jaunts for what Brit-rock continued. Tom & Josh, childhood best friends and cousins, learned to play & formed their first band together so it was a natural step to invite Josh into the band to make their 2019 EP, ‘the rest is just noise’. See them next on October 26th, in Liverpool @ Jimmy’s.

Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds – Blaze Haze

The spray of sunshine and salted water from the splashing ocean, is blue, wide, and vast. In that moment you’d been instantly refreshed, in mind and soul. Love can have that feeling of contentment and satisfaction. and with Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds, you get both, as the throwback indie-pop vibe of ‘Blaze Haze’ kicks off your weekend, even if the weekend is a full week away. Reminiscent of the colors of pop groups like the Go-Go’s and The Bangles, but with the witty and live feelz that only Alex Little can belittle, all you need to do to get that ‘satisfaction’ is to see them, hear them, and then love them as their music seeps into your pours and makes you exfoliated in smiles. With a slice of attitude and modernity in the song craft, the contrast of the uplifting notes versus the darkness of subject, keeps you guessing but still really boppin’ to the beat. Not intended by the band? We beg to differ. Because you can’t help but dance to this, even if you are doing it in secret. Admit it. Anywho, the band is fab and the crew of Alex Little, Andy Bishop, Mike Rosen, and Cody Hiles is lovely for all occasions. Indeed. See them next @ Fox Cabaret, Vancouver on October 24th.


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