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Kuma Overdose ‘Measured Pace’ (feat. Chaus) : A pace of pull and push – a gainful nonchalance.

Look for a new EP Mélon soon.

Kuma Overdose / Photo: @dwswws

Kuma Overdose’s single, ‘Measured Pace’, featuring Chaus, is a gorgeous vibe for the day of days. A vibrant undercurrent of feelings, exuded by the vocals that successfully confesses what is at the heart of it all.

The stories of innuendos and love and loss, culminate into a collapse of vision and interpretation. A pace of pull and push – a gainful nonchalance, that is beckoned by the urgency of need and wants. A curtailing of feelings, ashamed at once for the shimmer of selfishness, put aside for the momentary lapses of lust and desire for human empathy.


L.A based producer and artist Kuma Overdose is a carefree fusion of cultural traditions and musical styles. Kuma Overdose grew up in the L.A suburbs in an Asian American household. Studying Jazz, he quickly learned to write and produce hip hop, resulting in this vibe of fusion sounds.


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