KuntyBeatz ‘All Be Free’ : Make sure that everyone feels welcomed and can dance their butts off.


“With the world seeming to be messed up I find strength & peace in music. That’s why I’m so stoked about “All Be Free” being released. Hopefully the track can bring peace & strength to people who dig it!” – Kunty

Kunty loves nothing more than being in a DJ booth, but it’s also important to him to work with the Club Promoters/Club Owners to make sure that he can deliver to there expectations.

As a Queer Artist, KuntyBeatz is passionate about diversity, inclusion & representation. He wants to make sure that everyone feels welcomed and can dance their butts off.

Legend has it that KuntyBeatz was born on the dance floor of the after-hours club, Comfort Zone. As a Producer & DJ Kuntybeatz is heavily influenced by the theory of Plunderphonics in his original music, remixes, & bootlegs. He prides himself on bringing back Punk ethics and a D.I.Y attitude to dance music. KuntyBeatz is also a performer as he combines multi-media in all his shows providing a visual and auditory experience.


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