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Kuri // Sive // Shingai // Caroline Lazar // Under The Rug

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Kuri – The Great Orator

KURI is Scott Currie and with a breadth of unique experiences within his Mennonite community in Abbotsford, British Columbia, the musically interested and talented soul was afforded the chance of expanding his musical horizons by his mother and family. “Every instrument has its own language,” he goes on. “I try to hone the language of each one. It helps articulate the overall goal.” The beautiful and expressively vocals of KURI, dawns in sultry beauty and consoles in the comforting familiarity of the past and future. ‘The Great Orator’ dazzles, with cylindrical warmth, textured in a secret memory only KURI can know. We’re invited to that visage upon that hill, where we now can understand. His debut album will drop June 7th.

Sive – I Do it All The Time

Off of her newest album ‘I Do It All The Time’ the title track is of Sadhbh O’Sullivan’s project SIVE. The indie-folk delivery of her song is a delightful exercise in uniqueness and beauty. The subtle but driving vocals of Sadhbh relies on its soul-intrinsic, where it is fed with ultimate sacrifices in thought and imminent rancor with the relative self. Being tough to others, may not be as tough as being critical to your inner Universe. It expands and shrinks as the mind gravitates towards a beginning, or the end of it all. SIVE delineates and exacerbates, in the efforts to find more grip into such poignant subjects.

Shingai – Coming Home (Video)

Shingai said: “When the Noisettes flew to Zimbabwe to perform at HiFA (Harare International Festival of Arts) it was a phenomenal moment for us as a band. It had such an inspirational effect on me as an artist and we will never forget the joyful welcome we received” SHINGAI changes the premise. ‘Ancient Futures’ EP is the ‘new’ that you’d always wanted. ‘Coming Home’ is beautiful to listen to. The video is beautiful to witness, and we think it will be your anthem. It should be. The gorgeous mountain visuals complement the beautiful vibe of this song.

Caroline Lazar – Fill

CAROLINE LAZAR never skips a beat. Since her beginnings as an artist, she’s brought all of the intrinsic talent and vibe that an indie artist should. Her vocals as backdrop to her lyrical poetry, are bundled into a delicious and intimate visage where you’re swept off your feet as the ‘sad indie girl’ glistens to prominence. ‘Fill’ is a succinct and sharpened single about ‘cutting someone’s relationship loose’. It is a gentle weaving of regret and apologies for how things have become, and Caroline does it with critical shimmer, as she always does.

Under The Rug – On & On

Los Angeles, California based indie-rock band UNDER THE RUG brings ‘On & On’. You wanted and asked for soaring vocals, and highly evocative song construction? You got it in UTR. Combining classic rock attentions, the band incorporates 90’s glam with blues rock that gets your blood going to the hilt. Off of the latest album ‘Pale King’, the band radiates from beginning to end as the velocity of gumption, thrives off of the energy strewn across the stage. What a live performance UTR must offer, right?


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