kurtbordeaux ‘Gonna Get It’ : It’s the right kind of ‘odd’. It’s the right kind of galactic intrusion.


When things are too clean or too perfect they become boring. Fucking it up just right is aesthetic, art form and a way of life.

After years of incubation in the London and NYC underground music scenes as a musician, producer, mixer and multi-instrumentalist working with the likes of Luna, Sonic Youth, The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Rufus Wainwright, Superchunk, Melt, The Strokes, Suicide, Hefner, Mogwai. God Speed You Black Emperor… to name just a few… I have finally started producing my own material.

A walk of interpreting times and spacial gratitudes, radiate with amber glow with every vocal expression by the artist.

That is what kurtbordeaux, the project, represents. It thrusts, while not elbowing you in the ribs. It caresses you with new sounds, without making you feel over-stayed.

It’s the right kind of ‘odd’. It’s the right kind of galactic intrusion.

Check out his latest mini-album ‘Vimana Leatherette’.


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