Kurtis James ‘Dirty Past’ : Starting another branch of his life path, music in his most intimate story telling way.

Kurtis James

“Have you every tried to run from your past only to look in the rear view mirror and see it gaining fast?” asked Kurtis James in his essential single ‘Dirty Past’. A song that is both road music for your mind and heart, it’s the anthem to break you from the shackles and gain you a new possible future.

Here is the third single from my upcoming album, where Charlie Gaspadarek (guitars) Cristian Geovanni Velez (bass), Mark Martinelli (drums), and producer Joan Edson Velez help Kurtis finalize the story telling abilities of his lyrics, all in that unquenchably decadent mahogany of ol’ school rock and roll.

Born and raised on a farm in central Minnesota, Kurtis was exposed to country music at an early age. His parents owned records of Johnny Cash, Ernest Tubb, and other country superstars. In his late teens Kurtis worked in a sheet metal factory and in an auto repair shop before enlisting in the US Navy. He spent most of a decade in the Navy, stationed primarily in California. In addition to his home state of Minnesota, Kurtis has lived in Florida, Virginia, California, and now lives in Illinois.

Now, starting another branch of his life path, music in his most intimate story telling way, comes about in this project.

With nothing to fear and nothing to hide, Kurtis’ honesty shines through in that most earthly of tones and understated excitement.

So, let’s ride with Kurtis. Get comfy, as it’ll be a long and memorable drive.


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