kwassa Shares ‘sad songs’. “It’s his own way. In his own way.”

kwassa is Scott Verrill. And as you couldn’t wait for it any longer, he shares his single ‘sad song’ for the 2019 season. Shimmering and glittery in every way, with that delicious tint of wonk, the melodies stylized to a laid-back beat and youthful tact to the lyrics.

The UK based artist stated: “I liked the idea of a making a really upbeat track called Sad Songs because it reflects the confusion of growing up, and the idea that you would listen to a ’sad’ song to make you feel some kind of way, when actually it often makes you feel the opposite.”

He’s released 2 independently produced EPs and has been uber-popular online for a long while. And his transformation (evolution) into his expression as ‘kwassa’ is the artist in him. And that speak a lot about what he’s all about, and about his music. There needs a stretching of boundaries to expressions in an art form, and through ‘kwassa’, he’s received a new pallet to work, discuss, love, and add more to the world.

It’s his own way.

In his own way.



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