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Kye Alfred Hillig Shares ‘Stanley & Seafort’s’. “Of a memory we cherish, in kind.”

Like a refreshing breeze from a wide open summer window sill, KYE ALFRED HILLIG’s single ‘Stanley & Seafort’s’ is a beautifully sung for and of a memory we cherish, in kind. Off of THE DOG LYING DOWN series of home recordings (created between April-to-December of 2018), Kye’s ideas was to “capture the songs as close to their inception as possible.”

It is a home recording, and technically it isn’t shy of admitting that to the listener. However, as good music always does, Kye’s vocals and his lyrics transcend any technical differences and makes this single a journey to experience.

“The hope was for the listener to be present at the moment of birth in hopes of hearing the songs in their purest and most unfettered forms,” added Kye.

And it sure succeeds.

The unrestricted peering of the slide guitar notes, to the consciously, hard working strums of the acoustic guitar, work in unison to bring out the, at first, demure sentiments of the song, to a roaring triumph in subtlety.

The Tacoma, Washington based singer/songwriter does right by the tales he tells in his songs, with just royalty and dynamism. It soaks in, as you feel rejuvenated sitting there upon that wide open summer window sill.



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