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Kyle Emerson Shares ‘I Can Change’. “Love can makes us feel invincible.”

The indie-rocker from Denver Colorado continues on giving us the tasty and honest music that he has a knack for offering. In ‘I Can Change’, he consumes our thoughts and hearts with a dainty charm that is at the least light and beautiful – at the most Universal and affectionate.

One of the first single Kyle has written for the upcoming new album ‘Only Coming Down’ (Autumn 2019), the music comes from a surf-rock underpinning that spins off into a whirring scene of modern relationships and the promises that we can imagine. And as we do as human beings, we enthrall our expectations with sugar and spice that makes thing feel more grander than they are. But that’s what love can bring.

You can feel like the world can’t hurt you.

You can feel like there’s nothing that can get in the way.

You can feel as though there can never be a happiness as you feel at that moment.

Love can makes us feel invincible.

And Kyle does that with his music.

We’d described Kyle this way in another review: “With handsome hooks and driving guitar antics, the serious vibrations undulate in synchronization, and we, as listeners, are propelled to new heights of giddiness. The contemporary sounds mingle effortlessly in this single, as it wafts through vibrantly under the consequential and redeeming qualities of Kyle’s vocals.”

And that “KYLE EMERSON’s vaunting efforts in literary pop, should garner our attention. And yours.”

Still true.



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