Kyle Krone Shares ‘In The Dark’. “Loves gone in a flicker.”

Looking at the reflections of loves gone in a flicker. A rendered destruction of something very special. A day in the darkness turns back into the lightness of love, once more. Life is relationships, penned in the gropes of heart and misgivings of existence.

KYLE KRONE’s melancholic envisioning of what’s so hard about our day to day. A girl, a guy, panning around with lights focused on the prize, but missing out on the little and the banal.

The light turns on, with redeeming characteristics and assurance – one day, someday.

California native singer-songwriter Kyle Krone grew up in the small idyllic beach towns nestled on the coast between Los Angeles and San Diego. As the founding member and frontman of the beloved indie rock band “The Shys” he cut his teeth in the LA music scene in his early twenties and found a home on legendary Sire Records joining the ranks of many of Krone’s music hero’s (Talking Heads, The Cure, and The Smiths). Their single “Never Gonna Die” earned Krone and the band a No.1 spot on The Billboard US Garage Rock Charts.


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