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Kyle Meadows // Jakb // Daniel Brouns // King Monday // Little Hustle

Kyle Meadows – A Case of You

Kyle Meadows is a singer-songwriter currently residing in Pennsylvania. Kyle’s latest and 4th self-released album ‘Full Time Fever’ is an interpretation in light and over-wroght glimpse of self and the horizon. The horizon of a soul, in search of a love, reasons for loss, anguish in acceptance, and maybe the steps to a recovery – albeit humanely incomplete. It’s the story of a human being – you – him – her – all of us. Beautiful vocals by Kyle drape the walls of insanity with the colors of a promise that shimmered from our childhood. Those promises have diminished as we’d grown older, but we persevere. To what end?

Jakb – Something (Wasn’t Working)

JAKB is the project of Los Angeles based musician/producer, Jacob Hatfield. Life’s experiences are displayed through his songs. With effervescent decadence, JAKB’s single ‘Something (Wasn’t Working)’ brings you to a comfortable plateau of highly affectionate chorus and pop attentions. Jacob stated: “This song details the struggles of a deteriorating relationship. The feeling you can’t shake, the mundane days and sleepless nights, culminating in a break up that is best for both sides. This is my first single, with many more to come. This track builds from a simple guitar line to a large boisterous chorus full of harmonies.” Something must be changed. Another direction is needed. The time is now. JAKB would agree.

Daniel Brouns – Safe Now

“This song is mostly about the last conversation I had with my mom before she died,” DANIEL BROUNS noted. “The release date is her birthday. She would have been 50 years old. She, herself, was a powerful force in my life, and continues to be an even stronger one after her death. I think about her everyday. I think about how I was physically attached to this person as I grew inside her body. Most days I am able to function with a cloud of mystery of death & life over my head, but some days I don’t want to leave my bed. Myself and other people feel so fragile to me now, like I could lose my life or anyone else’s at any moment, which is true, and also is why I am finally doing something I’ve always felt deeply about. Writing music.” ‘Safe Now’ is was the first single from Daniel’s journey. It is part of his EP ‘Boy’s Normal’ (available now).

King Monday – Kotel’naya (feat. Comfortless)

KING MONDAY is Sherwyn. And Sherwyn explores the sleepy … down tempo thoughts through his project. Two years in the making of this specific project, KING MONDAY performed his first live show, in support of artist Inwards in Bristol. Different experience is what KING MONDAY is all about. From concept to form, the riveting fascination born out of each surreal sounds, rather rake at normalcy, highlighting successfully, the outer-space like countenance and formality of life in sounds. Genius? Maybe. ‘Kotel’naya (feat. Comfortless)’ is part of his EP ‘Weightless’ (available now).

Little Hustle – Benihana

Brooklyn based LITTLE HUSTLE is made up of Marcus Geisler, Eli Jacobowitz, Rebecca Keith, and Mike Morini. And within their debut album ‘Notepasser’, there is a song named ‘Benihana’. Thrusting vocals and sleeper thrusts like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the quartet keeps you honest and then keeps you entertained. Engagement is a harrowing experience, if you can’t take the heat. LITTLE HUSTLE can surely manage, and then some. Synth, rock, indie, pop, gathering forces, like an impending storm over the Tri-State area, the gang knows how to deal.


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