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KYŁO Shares MV For ‘Solace’. “For the hearts broken and past.”

KYLO makes ignoring her songs. Supple, shining, and understated beauty, bubbles up from the depths as she sings. It’s a dang trend with her, and she makes us want more of her works.

The latest is ‘Solace’ and with the dark, mahogany visions depicted in the music video, her vocals again triumph and manicure any unsettled notions. The battery of gentle aggressions, weave and leap out of the song, as the dance for gratitude and recognition – for the hearts broken and past – reminisce and weep.

Of the song, KYLO stated in her ever present charm: “This is gonna sound a lil cheesy but it’s very important to have that person who makes it all feel better when everything is going wrong. “Solace” is about just that- when everything else sort of just fades away and you’re solely present in that moment.”

The Toronto based electro-pop artist is set to release her ‘EXIT’ EP, it should be a doozy.

The glimmering artist with the electro vision, keeps the blaze going in ‘Solace’.



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