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KYOTO KYOTO’s ‘Gaacher Blitz’. “Yea. Your Head Will Hemorrhage. And You’ll like it.”

Guitarist Levent Ceylan and drummer Andreas Kainz are KYOTO KYOTO. Like a rare orchid, the duo brings such fullness to their single ‘Gaacher Blitz’.

An ocean of prog, guitar driven rock that drowns and swims like Aqua-man. Style that is proud of its uniqueness and its dawn-of-man like fabulousness. ‘Gaacher Blitz’ is a tackle of the senses as distinct as the visions of TOOL and sultry modern jazzy revisions.

Just very good. You know what we mean?

Understated and under-produced (on purpose) the feeling of the YEAH YEAH YEAH’s of glory, comes to mind as the subtle vocals tamp you down to the distinctiveness of KYOTO KYOTO itself.

Never forget that.

The guitar solo blows your head off, in split two pieces – brains awash in maggots of the past, struggling to mend again, as the heart breaks into palpitations in deep bass and evisceration.

What a great time, this single is.

Rock, prog, psyche – whatever you want to call ‘Gaacher Blitz’, it delivers itself in spades.

Look for their full length soon.

Can’t wait.



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