Kyson ‘Calibrate’ : Influencing emotions, relationships and creativity.


Kyson’s third album, the self-titled Kyson is a deep investigation into the meticulous intricacies of the inner child and how this fragment of Kyson’s personality is instrumental in influencing emotions, relationships and creativity.

“For me, making music is the most child-like thing ever,” said Kyson. “You’re just free, running around a field naked, doing whatever you want. There are no borders to what you can do. It’s limitless.”

Never thought about it this way. You never told me straight out. You confused me; so that’s why I thought about it that way. Help me. Why can’t you? Why are you silent towards me? Don’t walk away from me! I need you. You need me, right? Don’t you? Oh no. You don’t. Pardon. I thought I was right in the way I was thinking about you. Pardon, again.

Kyson is the project of Jian Kellett Liew. Now you know.

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