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L.A. Edwards Shares ‘Day I Die’. “I Love You, Now And Into The Beyond.”

It’s certain that we will live together, in our mind and body, forever until our forms change to asunder. The decrepitly and often lackluster importance of the living world, had always gotten our spirits weighted and stressed. But our mutual respect, and care for each other buoyed our sensibilities, from day first to the day we expect for ultimatum.

Your smile sustained me, as you said my open heart gave you excuse to live.

Our dashing institution of what was conventional, gave way to our unconventional longing and desire to be together.

Hold my hand, in this dusty land.

Take hope and swirl in our mouths.

The taste for freedom and the aftertaste of salvation, has always been within our little footprint.

Never forget what we’d sewn.


Eye to eye.

Heart to heart.

I love you, now and into the beyond.



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