L.A. Salami ‘Things Ain’t Changed’ : Civilizations rise and fall, the clothes may change, the poisons change names.

L.A. Salami

New album ‘The Cause of Doubt & a Reason to Have Faith’ drops July 17th.

“I love the deliberateness, cleanness and color of modern music, but I also miss the complete chaos of old,” said L.A., “like some Captain Beefheart and Velvet Underground records, or even 90s HipHop records with the peaking 808s and static compressed vocals al la Wu Tang, or blues records like Robert Johnson’s. Somewhere in there is the carnival I’ve been searching for. This entire album could very well be a love letter to Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground.”

Set to nuances of garage rock and jangle pop, ‘Things Ain’t Changed’ is a heartfelt ode to the complexity of life and how you navigate through it. His new single cements Lookman Salami as one of the most intriguing and stimulating lyricists around.

“The record is about the recurring pattern we find ourselves in as humans, over and over again throughout history, the thing that changes is the technology, but the human brain has not changed for over 100,000 years. Civilizations rise and fall, the clothes may change, the poisons change names, the players change faces, but the game of life will never change.”

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