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La Dante ‘Addicted to U’ : Delightfully fluid retrospective discussion.

Oh, love. What devastation you reap.

La Dante

With a potpourri of feelings, disguised by the bottles of emotions that hide the candor of them all – the delightfully fluid retrospective discussions Philadelphia based La Dante brings, is something to taste.

Maxwell Perla is the man behind this folksy, groovy painting. The singer/songwriter pairs rhythms born of drums and percussions, then wrap them up with silken sheathes of love. The loving color of bliss, ignorance, intuition, culminate into a soup of galactic shimmer and validity.

A wake of Universality swims in the swimming pool for the frequently injurious. Thereby curtailing a sadness of disposition and undeniable curiosity bubbles from the lyrical rendition of this charming single.

‘Addicted to U’ can be the sum of all goodness. Or it can be the last gasp from the man or woman, for whom never really gotten to try the full flavor of ‘real love’. A thought of loving another – loyalty exuding – betrays your inner inklings, misguiding you into deeper and open waters of savage traditions and markup dangers of the heart.

Said Maxwell: “People lose the ability to think rationally and every day becomes a struggle when you are addicted to something, whether it be a toxic relationship or a chemical substance. Even when we know we are hurting ourselves, we seek these pleasures out and rationalize our actions. This song tells the story of trying to cope with that struggle morning noon and night.”

But that’s life. La Dante’s ‘Addicted to U’ is about the opposite of that cliff-edge.

It celebrates what it was, and what it could have been.

In his own way, La Dante clings to the notion, but always suavely, let’s the last strand of memories of the past – so that the heart can go forward.

Once more.

Oh, love. What devastation you reap.

Listen to La Dante’s works and dig them.

Two new singles, ‘Addicted to U’ and ‘The Only Ones’, were released on La Dante’s own record label and production company Eraserhood Sound.



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