La Dante ‘The Only Ones’ : The loving color of bliss, ignorance, intuition.

La Dante

Maxwell Perla is the man behind this folksy, groovy painting. The singer/songwriter pairs rhythms born of drums and percussions, then wrap them up with silken sheathes of love. The loving color of bliss, ignorance, intuition, culminate into a soup of galactic shimmer and validity.

‘The Only Ones’ features a tough backbeat, soulful guitar work, and vintage synthesizers meant to evoke the sensation of riding through the streets of Rome on your vespa circa 1969. Perla takes on a world weary tone, displaying ambivalence towards a glamorous lifestyle, or ‘”the sweet life.” By the time the chorus drops all he can do is lament that “We could be the only ones” if not for the temptations of desire, fame and greed.

‘The Only Ones’ is the second single being released on La Dante’s own record label and production company Eraserhood Sound.

“The songs embody what La Dante and EHS have dubbed Synth & Soul, a sound founded on funky rhythms, silky synthesizers, and evocatively narrative songwriting. After spending the past decade manning the drums for various funk and dance bands throughout Philadelphia and New York City.”


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