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Lac Belot Shares ‘Unspectaculator’. “Where We Enjoy Every Moment.”

There’s something very much extraordinary with LAC BELOT. We’d realized this when we did a small review on his single ‘Friendly Beast’. We’d wrote that Jarno Takkumäki (Lac Belot) “should be his best friend, from now on…his delectable and heart strings pulling single ‘Friendly Beast’ traverses the known Universe to be with you. Hold out your hand, and be touched. As tears roll off your cheeks from joy and confusion, your heart finally figures it out.”

And that intense feeling of honest emotions is forever amplified in this fabulously ethereal and visceral sonic experience of ‘Unspectaculator’. The overwhelming concern and affability, contrasts this string and synth driven ballad for the Universe – in you – in each other.

The unforgettable rise of the irresistible comes to the fore in this single, placing pillars of gravity at the four corners of the Galaxy, touching on elements as sanctified as materials from silhouettes of Jeff Buckley’s sensibilities. The humming antics of Jarno’s vocals gentrify the chaos and slides our senses to a spectacular color pallet.

Where we enjoy every moment.

‘Unspectaculator’ is a monument to that often forgotten horizon.

It takes us back, in a big way.


His latest LP ‘ABRACADABRA!’ is out now.



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