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Ladada Shares Single ‘Heaven On The Rocks’. Life Is Pain Wrapped In Majesty.

LADADA is lead by Josiah Schlater (Mae, We Are Trees, Jake Clemons) and after years of touring he’s come to his own, showing us his brand of inspirations through this garage rock sunshine exposition.

The self-titled debut album is a praise worthy exercise, for the instrument arrangements and use of elements, signify the core of what Schalter (we assume) wanted to convey. His musical sartorial demonstrations, bring light and subtlety, highlighting the vastness of what he hopes to communicate to his fans.

The guitar chords in the solo is what this single ‘Heaven On The Rocks’ sums up to: Eric Johnson-esque jazz-rock infused element that brings out the warm and inviting trepidations of seasons coming and going. It glues things together like nobody’s business, and the totality of the effort rings true.

The song is about ‘shots of pain’ during a peaceful float down the James River with group of his friends. We think those shots of pain could relate to life in general – where parts of existing in this world can be that ‘painful scrape’ across the back of the fun-seekers. Many receive more than they bargained for; some less. But taking in the sights and sounds of the life you have Now, is a good message to ‘float’ on.

Well, if that’s not the message by Ladada, it should be. LOL.

Anywho, kudos Josiah. Kudos.



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