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Lady Dan Shows The Twinkle In Her Eye Via Single ‘What Sanity’.

Austin, Texas based LADY DAN brings us a fascinatingly acrobatic single ‘What Sanity’.

Reminiscent of a past decade of oddly timed, sequentially Universal arrangement of fiddles and guitars, LADY DAN’s remarkably mature, yet nascent vocals trans-verse off of the sidings of the shimmer. Excruciatingly delicate, but raw in undertones, ‘What Sanity, relies on the premises of love.

Oh, that unrequited love. Chattering inside your wholly once dead heart, revitalized by the imagination of his eyes, his face, his neck, his scent. She made you mad with joy, as her silhouette brushed upon your frontal lobes, dancing and prancing, without any care. The subliminal catastrophe was ripe with faults, as your fantasies never touches ground to actual and damned fruition.

Infatuation is a curse.

That burning desire, must be tamped down.

For it will burn you to a crisp.

Very, very soon.

LADY DAN is beautiful in her single, and we’re quite captured by what it promises.

Pinky swear.



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