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LaFrancis Vibes Share ‘Chemical Lovin’. “Triumphant in this simple tune of complex assertions.”

LaFrancis Vibes describes it as: “picking up his first pair of drumsticks at the age of 5. As he grew, he stretched his wings further, becoming the multi-faceted master musician he is today. He claims a diverse array of musical inspiration, including 90’s Hip-Hop, Jazz, Fusion, Rock, and a little bit of everything else.”

A charming retro-fit lo-fi angular offering of ‘Chemical Lovin’ is central tot he core of what the project LaFrancis Vibes entails. It’s the vibrancy, in the folds of notes and bops that deliver with a beautifully cinematic and cordial sentiment to the reckoning of such song.

The chill aspect is a broad stoke ambience that guides the song into a personal chant for the listener, as the crux of the single, all adorned by the vibes of LaFrancis’ vocal ambiguities.

The selfless, self-care is ambitiously triumphant in this simple tune of complex assertions.

Good sh*t as they’d say.


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