The Lagoons share New Single ‘Close My Eyes (And I Wonder)’ off of upcoming EP ‘Escape’.

A favorite of many music news outlets, these darlings of indie pop, just gets better and better. And this time they offer ‘Close My Eyes (And I Wonder)’ which is included in the upcoming EP ‘Escape’. It is funky, jazzy, filled with pop hooks and danceable rhythms. It’s just on the cusp of being too, too pop for us, but who the HECK cares! It’s really cool, and listen to the guitar solo. That sums up the fabulousness of the song.

This is why they’re faves live and on the road. Drawing unlikely fans, to become, well, fans!

Joey and Rayan Selan makes up this fab duo of a team, and they always seem to deliver. The brothers know how to anchor flavor, with massive heaps of kick-butt tunes.

Kudos, bros. Kudos.

Buy [HERE]


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