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Lake Jons – Breathe Out The Fumes

On January 19th, the trio from Finland will officially drop their self titled debut album. And what do they do in the meantime? Tease us. Yes. Tease us with some sweet tune-age; subtle, mellow, dynamic, and wonderfully poignant. And the trend continues as ‘Breathe Out The Fumes’ saturates the senses with unassuming revelry – slicing and gently dicing our momentary thoughts.

‘Breathe Out The Fumes’ comes after the fabulous song ‘Colors’ – which we described as a song where it “stipulates that you are able to distinguish from the grey versus that one bright spot”. But for ‘Breathe Out The Fumes’, it is a ‘description-of-the-decription’ itself, a mirror image…of a mirror image.

“Touch me there, it makes me cry” – the re-reflective recognition, in spotting that corner between love and loveless.

Call out to her, stretch out your hand.
Your fingers too, to catcher her every inkling.
Relegate yourself to the senses.
Let the world catch up, catch up to it.

The band consists of Jooel Jons, Jaska Stenroth and Mikko Pennanen; who reflect and re-iterates the clarity of sound and soul – exploring outer body philosophies and human relationships.

That’s what they do. It’s stated in their CV.

Anywho, the finished album consists of 12 songs with a range that is synth, alt, indie-pop, and mix of folk and lots of dynamism. The sultriness and strong emphasis is posed in ‘Colors’. Then songs like ‘Fake Fire’ & ‘Like Roses’ rock out to the tunes of the ether. The most poignant chapter comes (at least for us at CHF) from the song ‘Up Here North’ – a sonic ballad, nay, a beckoning to the possibilities and chances – not taken, could have taken. ‘Call Me’ is another one that is so cool, innovative, and uses their tools in making musical notes – well, noteworthy.

We had previously said “It’s a large swath of ambitions for the trio” in developing this album. But we think they’ve hit the right chords, and the way they’d want it reflected.

That means, we all win.

Their self titled debut album will drop January 19th, 2018 via Antifragile Music.



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