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Lake Jons ‘Colors’: distinguish from the grey versus that one bright spot. Hold tight.

Look out into the wilds, and what can we witness? Dull patches of grey, surrounded by forests, jungle, or amazon. Can you make it out amongst the chameleon hues? Can you point out what’s special, about you – about her?

Lake Jons’ Colors stipulates that you are able to distinguish from the grey versus that one bright spot. Taking into account the mangled mind’s eye, we all get to know, and build as we mature – the band calls one out – out into a new world.

Recognize that ‘newness’ in her.

Recognize the power of her presence.

What does it do to you?

What doe it do to your relationship – with the universe, the stars, the planets.

What does it do to your love for her?

Can you live without her?

“I cannot”

The band is an inspiration. We were attracted by the video, but stayed for the music, branding their sound since the group’s official unification in 2014.

The band consists of Singer-guitarist Jooel Jons, Jaska Stenroth and Mikko Pennanen.

The Finnish trio reflects and re-iterates the clarity of sound and soul – exploring outer body philosophies and human relationships.

Their self titled debut album (January 19th via AntiFragile Music) strikes a path through that universal forest, doing its best in connecting the highlights, of our reality, beyond, and the possibilities.

It’s a large swath of ambitions for the trio.

But from what we’ve heard so far, the ups and downs, the bell curves of thought and intentions – come through well in the album.

We dig Lake Jon’s music and their sensibilities.

Looking forward to it for sure.



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