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Lake Jons // OTR // HOAX // Nicotine Dolls // Poppy Jean Crawford

Lake Jons – Simone

Lake Jons will drop their sophomore album ‘The Coast’ November 29th. We’d gotten to know a bit about Lake Jons when they came to our attention, 2 years ago. We’d stated then: “The band is an inspiration. We were attracted by the video, but stayed for the music, branding their sound since the group’s official unification in 2014. Within the time, there have been big pushes of evolution to their philosophy towards their music, and some changes witin the group, as well. But one thing that keeps on going forward with this project is the ambition to be different, not for just being ‘different’, but to be looking towards the future horizon and what goodies that might lie out there. The Finnish project reflects and re-iterates the clarity of sound and soul – exploring outer body philosophies and human relationships. Lakes Jons is an understated sleeper, powered by creativity and energized by the world around them.

OTR – Drive ft. Panama

OTR stated about ‘Drive’: “the instrumental for ‘Drive’ was the start of me experimenting with my new sound and Panama set the tempo for the project.” He elaborates on the writing process behind the tune, stating that he “wanted to build a world around movement and conflict created by this sort of momentum of sound.” In addition to OTR’s evocative piano melodies, Panama’s soothing vocals provide what OTR refers to as a “flair of vulnerability.. exactly what the track needed to make it one of those late night drive songs.” OTR returns with his new single ‘Drive’ featuring Sydney-based synthpop standout Panama, and you kinda never want to turn the song off. ‘Drive’ follows in the footsteps of standout singles ‘Stay’ with WYNNE and hit lead single ‘Heart’ ft. shallou, which reached the #1 chart position on SiriusXM Chill for two weeks. Word.

HOAX – You Get So Alone Sometimes

HOAX is an indie pop-rock band from Queens, New York. It is the musical brainchild of Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar. Self-described style of ’empathy pop’, the duo of impeccable tastes in life, radicalizes the molecules of sight and sound and offers up something supple but coarse to our, once believed, sensibilities. With a wide range of influences like 60’s pop, 70’s Motown, and alternative r&b, there’s nothing that suits them most, than the garnered intricacies of mounting assaults in harmonies. Sadness and melancholy, drive the frame work of HOAX’s music. But at the far edges of that sadness explained, you can see the glimmer of silver and white, dotted by the colors of flowers, waiting and beckoning for your first touch of recognition. Queens, represent.

Nicotine Dolls – The Madness

New York based alternative band Nicotine Dolls are back with the successor to their debut single ‘Fake’. ‘The Madness’ was never meant to be a single, but its overwhelming feedback left Nicotine Dolls no choice but to release it as their second single. In “The Madness” the band is working in processing past, hurtful memories into a overwhelming and heartbreaking new sound. They give their audiences an insight in past experiences, where they don’t just describe constant bullying and being in nerve wracking fear of what could happen next, but also about how it should change their future way of living way into their adulthood. Made up of Sam Cieri, John Hays, Abel Tabares, and John Merrit, the quartet glimmers in dark subjects of self-depreciation. The value of one, is weighed differently, internally and without. The constant flotsam and jetsam, waving of accusation, grind the psyche and self confidence. It’s the story of everyone. At anytime. On any spectrum of living. See Nicotine Dolls next @ Coney Island Baby NYC, on October 18th.

Poppy Jean Crawford – Same Old Tricks

Poppy Jean Crawford is the latest signee to Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records at just 20-years old and she’ll be heading out on tour with Starcrawler. And in this, Poppy worked with Rob Campanella of The Brian Jonestown Massacre to hone in a dark and shoegaze-y sound. Influence comes about to the fore as ‘Same Old Tricks’ delivers a quasi-cosmic revelry of thoughts and visions, fractured then glued back together in waves of music and sentiments. Powerful, and person, the impact of the energies are subtle but always built in, just under the surface of fact reason and the United Souls of Poppy Jean Crawford. Her gentile growls upon the words of spoken angsts, ripen into your bleeding cold hearted vessels. Warm up. Poppy’s just begun to fight.


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