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Lakesides // Brian Grogan // Giant In The Lighthouse // The Goa Express // Video Compact

Olivia Edvalson

Lakesides – Bullet

Swedish solo-act Lakesides is the project of Natanael Summer. Trusting of his gut feelings, he’d gone overboard to the gray with ‘Bullet’. A somber effervescence in programming in emotions, it searches through a fog of existence. The answer might be just an arm length away. But you’ll never know until you continue searching. Like the best traditions of bands like Aquilo, LAKESIDES is falsetto shimmer in retrofit accounts for what can or maybe.

Brian Grogan – The Right People

As the unsinkable artist, BRIAN GROGAN, stated: “‘The Right People’ is about the experience of dating apps and how easy it is to think of human beings as pawns in a fun game. It was written in an attempt to come to terms with how shallow it makes you feel. On a brighter note, it was once said (and I misquote) “there is a lot of love out there in the world thanks to dating apps” which can’t be bad.” Word. Proliferation of the weapons of mass lovin’ is a positive note to our existence. But countering quote to a quote, once a prominent star stated: “Mo’ lovin’, mo’ problems’. But again, that can’t be all bad, either. We’ll take it.

Giant In The Lighthouse – Sprinting

Peggy & Adrian are GIANT IN THE LIGHTHOUSE. And they are an understated force that we all should get to know better. Lowell, MA based duo’s ‘Sprinting’ is flittering aura in refreshing summations and delectable explanations. The fleeting emotions, cast a swath of feelings in this song, as Peggy’s beautiful vocals just warms your heart to a different level. Peggy is a first-gen American and daughter of Irish immigrants. Adrian met Peggy in 2014, and joked about starting band. Adrian is a New Yorker with deeper southern roots. The combination just works, in our eyes. And the proof is in the pudding, as the scintillating subtlety is delightful in ‘Sprinting’. The duo are cute, talented, and have much to say about the footprint of life they reside. We can’t wait for more.

The Goa Express – The Day

You want fun? THE GOA EXPRESS is it. ‘The Day’ is a ticket for you to ride the express train to Manchester, with nothing but the expectation of the sunny day and a gorgeous girl by your side to keep you company. Your friends will meet you there and from dawn to dusk and into the midnight hours, you’ll fritter away the time. Capturing this kind of fun and promise is where the band’s rockin’ framing comes into fruition. Lead singer, James Douglas Clarke stated: “The new tracks are about moving out to university and getting caught for doing shit whilst there and also about the fake, social media platform of our society, lick arses and how everybody wants to pretend that they’re friends.” Told ya. Let your hair down and let the stress fall off of your shoulder. Just for a moment.

Video Compact – Cut Loose

Copenhagen-based Video Compact brings the sultry vibrance with ‘Cut Loose’. Understated and under-rated, the single is what it’s like to listen to a song that is juicy with the kind of emotive effects we all look for. Delicious vocals. Delicious guitar work. Decadent percussions. All combine to tick off the list of the to-do items of life, a bit easier to swallow and accept. Love is what ‘Cut Loose’ radiates. Forgiveness comes with that package. Anders Belling stated: “Being of use hardly counts as a reason for existence. And I have experienced that as I get older, I am more inclined to get caught up in what both feels trivial as I do it and as I think back on it. As opposed to the largerthan – life feelings of being a teenager or perhaps in your early 20’s, which might seem trivial in retrospect but seem so infinitely important at the time”


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