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LAMBDA CELSIUS Shares Single ‘Get Out’. The Zealot Within Pours, To The Brim, To The Vacuous Edges.

Forbidden forests, in the sub-tropical heat, rests on our laurels – deep in our sinuses. The memories imprinted, from that one chance moment. The touch. The feel. The scent. The aroma. The absolute fascination, tagged by the iridescent signals of flight landings, clear and safe.

Stamped, is our petulant recollections of thoughts and actions. They mark us in deep tattoos, forever hashtag, symbolizing the past – and our past’s behaviors.

But it was so good. It was intoxicating. Couldn’t get enough. The salivary glands, burst open – whenever, and where ever that experience, creeps into the heart.

The need.

The want.

The zealot within pours, to the brim, to the vacuous edges.

Your head explodes.

You need her, again, and again.

‘Get Out’ is the first single from her 2nd album, ‘Ana Echo And The Beauty Of Indifference’ (love that title, by the by). The new album is due to drop sometime in September.

LAMBDA CELSIUS is the project of AC Carter. She’s an artist. An impressionist who delves into her environment, and any external musings she finds interesting, effective, or significant. She’s an expressionist, utilizing the sonic movements, to move and to influence.

“GET OUT is a minimal dance song with a night-driving-feel, much like the same feeling when escaping the confines of the sexual aggressor. It’s tempo reflects an anxiety that persists in confronting trauma, and lyrically addresses how to reclaim the body when systematically and societally it is not your own. It’s exterior comes off as quirky and capricious, yet its deeper meaning dwells in a much more sinister reality.”


Kudos, AC. Kudos.

Her next show is on July 7th, @ Caledonia (Athens, GA) w/ Superbody, B|_ank, & DJ Ruby Official.



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