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Lame Drivers // Bonnie Lola // Jen Kwok // Houg // Joseph McDonald

Lame Drivers – Fade

3-piece formed in Rhode Island and New Jersey based out of Brooklyn for 10+ years. In the summer of 2009, Lame Drivers morphed into a 3-piece and is now leaner, darker, and more psychedelic. Garage, surrounded by V8 gumption, and scowling bid to be the biggest in that exact garage. A place of mind where the place where it’s the most important, is exactly that place you hold with your feet, now. There’s nothing more grand than holding on to what’s here. Let’s celebrate the current, the present, you, us, all of us. Enthusiasm rake down your back as the properties of ‘Fade’ is positively engaging with bubbling rock-ness that we all should deserve. The freeform billing of this band, is easy on the eyes of your ears, and it’ll never get you tied down with extra cellulite on your trunk. Thanks goodness, because we’d like to drink some beers, with that side order of Lame Drivers, please. Ten years on, they keep on rockin’ the way they want.

Bonnie Lola – Doxology, Part II

Off of LP ‘Doom’, comes the longitudinally precise single of ‘Doxology, Part II’. A pre-amble to an sequel, the viably, understandable, chasm of emotions slowly cross the roads in fair assumptions and droning resistance. Even after you’re buried, you can never be forgotten, according to Bonnie Lola: get exclusive pre-release access of their new 8 song EP. Bonnie Lola is the solo project of guitarist Grady Neff, whose influences range from Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alt-J and Pink Floyd. Grady stated that: “to bridge the gap between gritty rock and roll and dreamy psychedelia, creating smooth music with a message that pulls from a deeper place.” Interesting indeed. Get sucked into that understated vortex.

Jen Kwok – Desert To The Sea

‘Songs for One’ is a visual EP. ‘Desert To The Sea’ is a beautifully expressed lyrically driven, cast of emotional characters, summing up the stars of a scattered initiative of self, and fitment of it. The world is a vast crumble of puzzle pieces, neat at times – irresponsibly frustrating at time. The EP is a collection of favorites from the live Songs for One project where Jen performed to over 100 people one at a time with only voice and keytar. Building a lush, electronic orchestra around the intimate melodies and lyrics of the original Songs for One, calling to mind such artists as: Florence + The Machine, Bon Iver, Nils Frahm & Olafur Arnalds. Inquisitive predictions, culminate in droplets of unanswered shards of questions from the 3rd floor bedroom window. Broken by the winds of change, at the time, it just seemed part of the landscape of living. But as time grew and yourself matured, the sense for that ‘inevitability’ turned into a ‘can do’ selection of choices. A welcome change to the new world beyond, it becomes wider and more deeper with opportunities than you’d ever thought. That last piece is ripe to fit your frame of mind. ‘Desert to the Sea’ is animated by Andrea Schmitz.

Houg – ICBM

Houg’s music intends to capture both his emotional state of mind, as well creating a sound relatively fresh and unique to the environment in which he’s from, as well as beyond. With Trip-Hop, R&B, New Wave and Jazz influences cohesively stacked together under his emotionally-fragile vocals, Houg intends to deliver a groove, definitely to keep the listeners wanting for more. Singapore based artist is Sameh Wahba. The way he thinks about his slot of existence is wistful and whimsically serious. The pop groovin’ love tantrics, shun the negative and hopes to pin that tail of love and optimism to his listeners. Houg is a man of emotion. And in his certainty, the aim of his mission-fantastic soars above with guitars that dance, and rhythms that entice. Boom. The eagle has landed.

Joseph McDonald – Head Room

“I grew up in Dunrobin, Ontario (Canada) and part of this song did too. The verses take stabs at things I have grown tired with in life while the chorus goes off to recall the simplicity of what it was like when I was a kid on the farm. It is an optimistic song of sorts.” And that’s who artist, Joseph McDonald, comes from: vibrant, minimal, raw, and vested in the environment that he’d experienced. A story teller of magnitude, the beautifully bluegrass offering of ‘Head Room’ is that soul searching, psyche session with yourself where all of your frustration seem to just roll off your shoulders, like rainwater to duck. An irreverent, throw-your-hands-up kind of vibe, opposes that exact drive and tells you that, things will get better from here. Life is but a box of chocolates and you’ll never fully know which flavor you’ll get this time. But we can only control what ourselves can. So we should; with a smile and good times, helping us along as much as possible. Joseph’s delightful vibes and vocal attentions, make this single a lovely addition in any rotation.


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