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Landon Elliott Shares ‘Hometown Hero’. “An understudy of gratitude, and gratefulness for the little things.”

Landon Elliott’s single ‘Hometown Hero’ features Jonathan Russell on vocals (lead singer of The Head and The Heart). And on this gentle deliverance of duet framed exclamation, you get to feel deep and often. The 2nd single off his upcoming debut album ‘Domino’ (November 1st).

Landon is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who grew up in one of America’s most beautiful but culturally conservative places. In his teens, like most of his friends, he attended an evangelical church, and was urged to pursue a religious path. After studying at a North Carolina bible college, he moved to Richmond, Virginia, where he became a minister.

“There once was a dream where the name of your street wouldn’t mean a thing/ But now the tectonics beneath are still shaking everything, neighborhood is bleeding out,” stated Landon. “This new album is cathartic for me. I’ve exorcised my fears and uncertainties, and I think a lot of people will relate. I hope the listener feels seen and heard.”

From educational direction, to life lessons learned, to relationships, and concerns of the future. The off the beaten path expressions from Landon’s songs, are, at the end of the day, everyday concerns that we all go through sometime or another. That is why Landon’s depictions of stories told and un-told connect in that good ol’ charming and gentle way that they do.

The raspy thrust of Landon’s vocals, deliver with massive undertones. An understudy of gratitude, and gratefulness for the little things that turned out alright.

Even with the bumps and challenges, with help from within, his supporters, and from music, life has come to this point.

Landon wants to celebrate the milestones, with the kind of realistic fervor that he’s always deeply embedded into his existence.

Lovely stuff.

Lovely songs, indeed.

See Landon at his release show @ The Camel, Richmond Virginia on November 2nd.



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