Lanterns ‘Madeline’ : The angst in possibilities, angle you into a new world of joy and danceable smiles.


Refreshing and vibrant is where the gray and the darkness, open up with wide efforts of the heart when Lanterns play. And in ‘Madeline’, the swooping vocals of energy and love’s intentions, flow with fabulous lusts.

Dominic Collopy, Conor Mooring and Owen Malcolm climb up from their talented lives, affording a connection with their fans alike. With jazzy blues, coaxed into statuesque horizons, the single is a single example of excellence. The draped underlying story line, and the angst in possibilities, angle you into a new world of joy and danceable smiles.

Listen and enjoy. The lads are fab.

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So I got very bored sitting at home so I decided to take my ‘once daily exercise’ Seeing as though I can’t get together with Owen and Jack nor have the means to make a good quality music video (given the circumstances) I thought I’d take matters into my own hands!!! I thought it would be a fun idea to record my ‘exercise’ and see what I could make out of it using my shitty iPhone. Anyway here’s our latest single ‘Madeline’ accompanied by yours truly walking around Helmshore. Please excuse the shitty quality, I merely did this out of boredom. I hope everyone is keeping safe and in good health! ***WATCH UNTIL THE END**** Don’t forget to stream Madeline on @spotify to get full audio quality! #lanterns #musicvideo #shitvideo #band #indie #indiepop #the1975 #bastille #unsignedartist #beans #singer #guitarist #stayhome #protectthenhs #thankyou #love

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