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Las Vegas: Stephen Paddock used legal ‘bump stock’ to shoot faster, but is less accurate.

The New York Times reported that ‘bump stock’ was on the weapons used by Stephan Paddock, the now infamous mass killer of 58 persons on October 1.

But, what is a ‘bump stock’? How does it work? Why does it exist? And is it getting a fair shake?

According to experienced practitioners, there are fundamental facts about bump stocks and its function:
– It uses the recoil of the weapon for faster trigger.
– The trigger process Vs. traditional non-bump stock semi-auto weapon, is quicker.
– Helps, less capable/talented users with quicker trigger process.
– However, total average accuracy is disputed.

Ultimately, buying legal semi-auto weapon and installing bump stock helps the owner of the weapon to have the ‘feel’ of owning and firing a Fully Automatic weapon.

In the same case, a bump stock does not make the weapon ‘more’ deadly. It’s an experiential device for the legal weapon owner. As YouTube presenter “LegallyArmedAmerica” below indicates, a competent criminal would ‘not’ use a bump stock to do the murdering.

It is legal to purchase bump stock accessories and usually cost around $99 each.

Here are some videos to help us understand:

KRGV demonstrates, Full Auto VS. Semi Auto VS. Bump Stock:

Jeff3230 indicates that the ‘variation’ in fire, indicated to him that Paddock was using a ‘bump stock’:

LegallyArmedAmerica indicates that ‘bump stock’ is not for ‘accuracy’:

CentralTexasSurvival goes through how a ‘bump stock’ gets installed:


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