Lasse Passage ‘Miles Away’ : Raw and sharp indignations flow through the shimmering memories. Reformation of self and truth.

Lasse Passage

‘Miles Away’ demonstrates the subtleties of Lasse Passage’s singular harmonies and soothing arrangements. Story told, in the most non-complex, the raw and sharp indignations flow through the shimmering memories, revealing a reformation of self and truth.

Oslo-based indie folk artist will drop his upcoming new LP (August 28th), ‘Sunwards’ (his 3rd full-length offering), which was a culmination of inspiration from traveling alone with just an acoustic guitar in Mexico.

Said Lasse: “Traveling for me has always been an inspirational activity tied to my songwriting. Usually, when I set out I have no other fixed points than bringing my guitar and maybe a return date.”

Sunwards is perhaps Lasse’s most accessible and ambitious production to this date. The album features a fab Scandinavian jazz band, and is mixed by Noah Georgeson, a Grammy winning producer, recording, and mixing engineer (Joanna Newsom, Devendra Banhart, The Strokes and Norah Jones).

Get acquainted with Lasse.


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