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Lasso Spells Shares ‘Yeah Right’. “Say. Where’s The Vending Machine?”

It was midnight, and I was tired. The long day of traveling through this mess of a desert, drained me to the core. Getting out of the Cadillac, the leather seats clung to my clothes. The sun beat down, like it had no business in torture.

The counter at this motel was empty when I entered. The small room with two wooden guest chairs with a thin, but long coffee table looked out of place in the white walled office, accented with pastel green linoleum plastics. The fan ‘roared’ side to side as I awaited the attending manager.

“How can I help ya,” he said.

“I need a room for the night.”

“It’ll be 30 dollars.”

“Say. Where’s the vending machine?”

“Get out this door, make two lefts.”


The room now was turned red, with the manager’s blood. Clinging to the walls, as the fan still rotated as if nothing had happened. My job was done now. Should get some shut-eye.

Will be very busy traveling on the road again, in the morning.

The upcoming LP ‘BOHEMIAN MECHANICS’ is set to drop sometime this year. It is LASSO SPELLS’ second album.

‘Yea Right’ continues the journey for LASSO SPELLS, with 60’s contemporary interpretation, and a healthy dose of tranquility. In the right hands, this single becomes the weapon of choice, in defeating the urges of boredom.



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