LAST LYNX ‘Uni Alone’ : Only one life is allotted to each and everyone. Put yourself out there.

Last Lynx / Artwork: Martin Bejbom

LAST LYNX releases new music for the first time since their break when band member Robin got diagnosed with cancer. ‘Uni Alone’ (‘you and i Alone’) was written originally before the band went on a break and is their firsts official single from their upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released later this year.

What seems to be normal, isn’t. What seems under control, hasn’t been for a long while. There is an ‘un-you’ which resides in this world, and sometimes it’s needed to break away.

A resurgence of rather and before, clamor for the psyche of truth and genuine calamity. A vexation of what’s demonstrated, never ceases to dissipate. A longing of urges, right in the middle of your heart, killing you with anticipation.

‘Uni Alone’ is an anthem to seek that new moment – the new you. “Put yourself out there” and see how it will be.

Only one life is allotted to each and everyone.

The band consists of: Camilla Dahlstedt (vocals), Robin Eveborn (vocals, synthesizers), brothers Marcus Lindblom (guitar & bass guitar), Fredric Lindblom (drummer) and newcomer Viktor B. Lundin (synthesizers, guitar, bass guitar).

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Hi Guys, We have not been very active lately due to the circumstances and unfortunately Robins cancer just came back (apparently it wants to get kicked in the mf ass again, last time this time) Anyway, we are beyond amazed that some of you guys are writing us now and then wondering how things are going and what not, even tho our last post was about a year ago. We are eager to get starting recording and playing again but as you might guess things are a bit shaken up and it is impossible to plan anything, we don't really know what the future will bring us. I guess what we need is more time. Robin has started chemo again and is going to go through a stem cell transplant sometime this winter. We love you guys.

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