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Late Guest At The Party Shares ‘Bend’. “Can you trust him now? Can you love her now?”

Impatience and pressure from the one who seems to love you. The dark grays of a relationship face now with the upturned brightness of a new though – a demure vestige of doubts and conspiracy for the heart.

Can you trust him now? Can you love her now?

The bending aperture of significant ravaging of a glowing partnership, rests with the gnawing claws of self-subservient insolence that may or may not be real.

But it eats at you. It eats at your soul.

Until death of another possibility is crushed in the tracks of the emotional train wreck.

This single ‘Bend’ is that fight that happens all over this world, between partners of significance.

The wars will never end.

Might as well dance a little with LAT GUEST AT THE PARTY, eh?




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