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Late Guest At The Party Shares ‘Cut Me Out’. “Be strong. Be sad. It’s okay.”

LATE GUEST AT THE PARTY has been making sad boi music for a long while. They know exactly how to correctly equivocate the vibes you feel as a soul who is looking out for something meaningful in life.

But in the meantime, parties will get the job done, for now.

And that seems to be a quaint and slightly antiseptic way of putting you on the right path, but when you have a dance tune to dance to, and with, you don’t care.

For, you’re a simple animal. Roaming this earth, doing your best, to live, to love, to find true happiness. Sometimes you feel like you got it all down to the rivet; sometimes you don’t feel right at all.

That’s where LATE GUEST AT THE PARTY lives, and does such a good job at it – a band that is relatable and subsequently becomes a quick friend to depend on.

Be strong. Be sad. It’s okay.

The band is Brooklyn based. Where else?!



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