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Laura Hoo – 8 am

Perspectives in looking at angles of the world. Hard prospect. Harder to execute, sometimes. Laura Hoo’s 8 AM is a snapshot of a moment in time, in a certain morning. But that morning’s odd turmoil, is representative of many moments in each of our daily lives. Ain’t it?

Take that breakfast and shove it up where it shouldn’t.

Take that sunshine and take it outside. Don’t want to see it.

Take that upbeat attitude and dumb it down a notch. It’ll be helpful.

Let’s get this day over with.

“It’s never my time”, Olivia murmured to herself. She often did.

It wasn’t like this always, but the pressures of life seemed too stiff.



Olivia was scribbling down something in her notebook, a notebook with just chicken scratch.

It was her favorite notebook, for it was the worst looking and bit tattered.

The notebook, didn’t judge her. It just let her scratch, and nip, and doodle.

It knew what she needed, and gave it to her – solace and peace of mind for those certain seconds.

But today was different.

She wanted to tackle the day, bit differently.

“Let’s go notebook.”

Laura’s angst and momentary lapse in strength, is human, and relatable.

It’s very much, many of us.

Kudos, Laura. Kudos.

Her latest EP ‘Music’ drops November 19, 2017, with a launch party on the same day.

And her proclaimed “Chair Tour” continues into the last month of the year.



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