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Laura Jean Anderson Shares Single ‘Love You Most’.

LAURA JEAN ANDERSON’s single ‘Love You Most’ is that quiet and soft petting of her beloved significant other’s head, in bed, when he is napping on his stomach, during such a enviable Sunday evening. The sweet ‘lullaby’ topped with the soft and majestic vocal stylings from Anderson, cuts through the haze.

I am here for you.

You are here for me.

We belong to each other.

From here to infinity.

Music was her first calling and an outlet. And when it came time to do her own thing and pave her own road, she did. Taking her skills from her days in the church choir, she took it for what it was, and started.

It’s been a long hard-fought battle, but it’s part of the bargain.

Life comes with the Sour. And there’s no Sweet, without the Sour.

Kudos, Laura. Kudos.

Keep on keepin’ on.

On August 8th, she’ll be playing at the Levitt Pavilion (L.A.) with GospelbeacH.



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