Laura Kits ’81 Chevy’ : Let’s go along for the ride.

Laura Kits

Laura is an Amsterdam-based country fanatic who should have been born in Nashville. At 26 she quit her job as a strategy consultant at McKinsey&Company to become a full-time singer and songwriter.

Laura stated: “I started writing this song 2 years ago and it took multiple iterations and a lot of life-living before I was happy with the sound and the message. This song therefore also represents my journey as an artist, finding courage and finding my own voice – literally and figuratively.”

Defiant is a rebellious corner of Laura’s philosophy on life. She’s got it figured out. She’s not afraid to take it all on.

She’s driven herself to the DNA level passion she’d always wanted. It’s the song. It’s a song of a heart. Heart of a lioness, and she’s here to give it the best shot she can.

Let’s go along for the ride, as Laura’s passion for life, through her music, convinces you to love.

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So here’s a little bit of honesty about me. I LOVE making music more than anything (although… horse riding…) but also, I am a perfectionist who is no stranger to anxiety. A new release, like ‘81 Chevy or my slowly approaching record launch, is super fun and exciting but it also makes me lose sleep because I worry SO MUCH about everything that could go wrong. I don’t take time to chill and just see what happens – I want to be on top of everything and when things don’t go as planned I feel crushed. But then I go straight into problem solve mode and move on to the next challenge – never being still for a hot minute. 🥵 And I notice that around release time, the one thing I am not able to make time for is to actually make (and enjoy) music. So for now: enough with the blog pitches, the spread sheets of what needs to be done, and hopefully also the nightly worrying sessions. (PLEASE.) I’m closing my laptop, will take the night off, and tomorrow I am going to pick up my guitar again. And maybe even write something – but only if I feel like it. ❤️❤️❤️ . . #musician #artist #artistlife #countrysinger #countrysongwriter #singersongwriter #singer #songwriter #musicianlife #diymusician #indieartist #anxiety #perfectionist #ocd #mentalhealth #relax #insomnia #entrepreneur #piekerenisdeverkeerdekantopfantaseren

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