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Laura Sauvage – Alien (Anything Like It, Have You​?​)

What a landscape. That is what we thought to ourselves when starting to listen to Laura Sauvage’s Alien. What an eloquent transgression. What a savory morsel. What an epic production.

Can’t you tell, we like the song?

Well, it’s not an over done expression from the likes of us.

‘Alien’ just simply hits the right chords with us, from the beginning notes. It introduces us to another world, in a sense, right away – taking our hand on a story journey.

We feel like riding on a magic carpet, above the kingdoms of old Persia – maybe just like Aladdin did with his princess.

It’s a proper mix of genres that rise to the top of the heap, in our minds – aggregating styles from 80’s pop, to 90’s alt pop, to current thought provoking folk like lyrics.

Our malnourished hearts were filled up a bit more with this grand escape – 4 minutes long.

And we sure are glad we got to listen to it.

Her ‘Quebequoi / Monteal’ sensibilities shine through on this song, in spades.

We thoroughly enjoyed its presentation, and (better late than never) got to know her bit more.

Laura’s work will be examined (listened to) even more by us as the days go by.

Looking forward to more from her, as well.

Laura’s a veteran and she knows what the deal is. ‘Alien’ is a single from the latest offering from her album, ‘The Beautiful’.

She’s rep’ed by Simone Records, out of Montreal Canada.



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