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Lauran Hibberd Shares ‘Call Shotgun’. Rockin’ And Taking No Names.

LAURAN HIBBERD brings the indie-pop-rock to the place where even boys won’t go: the classroom in the middle of Summer Vacation. What?! What do you mean? They would go if they’re needed to attend for ‘summer school’. Yes. That’s correct.

But that doesn’t detract from the point that’s been made, right?

There is one place where they’d go though. And that’s where LAURAN would be…playing in the band…that keeps it rocking and sassy.

Yes. Sassy is correct.

Her nonchalance and rockin’ abilities bring that fun sound that is very teen angst, but nudges it enough towards the emo-rock edge, that it’s a treat for the ears.

We’re sure that’s not only us saying so.

She’s had a fab years, especially on tour, and we think she’ll be in demand for a long while.

Let’s hops so.



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