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LAURE Shares ‘Grey Skirt’. Beautifully Produced And Sung, With Purity And Certainty.

What a treat. This single ‘Grey Skirt’ by LAURE is such a breeze of refreshing sensibilities. The A cappella style of the song is so very powerful that you don’t realize on the first few seconds. But than you realize: “Oh yea, this is good stuff”. Inconspicuous and surprising, ‘Grey Skirt’ is about the line between two sides. Then just getting tired of the norm.

The norm is on this side.

The ‘other’ is on the other side.

Looks greener.

Kind of.

But certainly greener on the other side.

“I want to try it.”

Just listen. Listen to the vocals, the harmonies, the lyrics.

LAURE is a statement in this short but succinct power lyric of a single. It’s beautifully produced and sung, with purity and certainty, dripping in every harmony and progression.

As we’d mentioned: this song is a treat.

Laurence Morgan is LAURE and we dig his style.



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