Lauren Auder shares ‘These Broken Limbs Again Into One Body’. We melt.

“Transform into unto which where you cannot transform any longer. Proceed. Receive. Accept. Shout out to the soul pieces, deep inside your shell of a body. Particular angst, gently pet it. Let it simmer into that growth of generic palpitations, an awning sheltering the rains of life and its demon patrons.” – CHF

Lauren Auder is a sensation, in our eyes (and many other). You can feel it. You can ‘touch’ it.

The emitting waves of emotional dialects, transit through his explanations in musical pronouncements. Nailing. Making us bleed.

‘These Broken Limbs Again Into One Body’ brings so many genres together, but it just is what it is – all on its own – definable but not at all. It’s a delectable output for what music can BE and DO.

Extremities are unsafe. Keep them inside the car.

Eyes wide open, children. You’ll want to feel all.

Ears tuned to the Universe amplified. Don’t miss the train.

The 19/20 year old Auder, takes us on a trip – like a trip on a land described by an author like Albert Camus. ‘The Stranger’ within a space in time, under-developed, but highly aware of the circumstance and place he belonged. A tragedy of disguised fortunes and mis-guided self relevance and external impressions.

Yes. That’s what Auder is doing. Telling us, the listener, of such cautionary tales. Edicts, perpetrated by the self – unto the self – blaming none and all – at the same time.

In ‘The Stranger’, Camus describes circumstances central to the lessons of nihilism. In Lauren Auder’s newest single, ‘These Broken Limbs Again Into One Body’, he advises, to think twice about your external revelations.

Just like that.

It was a trip, to be sure.

We get you Lauren. Kudos.

Let’s DIG Lauren Auder. You will DIG him, too. We SURE do.

The new EP ‘Who Carry’s You’ drops March 16th. Produced in conjunction with DVIANCE.

He’s rep’ed by the folks at True Panther Sounds. They brought you fab artists like Lauren Auder, Kelsey Lu, and King Krule.

BUY new singles / albums: [HERE]


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