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Lauren O’Connell Shares ‘In On The Joke’. Saluting The Moments, We Can Closely Share, Within Our Hearts.

Our ears were drowned in a sea of sounds, made by the passing hiss of the mountain road winds. Our hair and clothes flapped like flags, waving to the undulating sights of the hills and the gorges. Our salute in passing, memorialized our trip through the wildness of the green, green foliages, magnificent and romantic.

You wished, from your glare, that this moment be frozen in time. That this time of ‘you and I’ was to remain, time-less. That your love burn with the passion which can engulf the road, of our ‘now’ and our ‘future’.

Let’s go that way.

Let’s go this way.

But always, you and I, hand in hand – saluting the moments, we can closely share, within our hearts.

Within this lifetime.

LAUREN O’CONNELL brings an airiness to her song writing and musical arrangements. Her vocals cast off and anchor that sentiment then the lyrics of her adventures and stories, put a second layer of empathy that is heartwarming and at the same time, serious and confident. The contrast in the idiosyncrasies in her delivery makes it a interesting joy to listen to.

Her latest album ‘Details’ is out now.



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